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Getting to know the woman behind the blog on a more personal note.

How do I even begin to write this piece? What am I gonna share? Will anyone gain anything from this? These are all questions I asked myself before even contemplating writing this post. It's not always usual for bloggers to show this part of themselves because their blog usually just focuses on the material elements. And while that's all fine, because those are the main aspects, do we ever really get to know the face behind the blog? The person behind the posts? My hope is for my readers to get to know me on a more personal level because I want to be able to have that connection beyond just talking about clothes, food and makeup. After all, we're all real people with real lives and we all have a story. This is mine...

I was born in Trinidad on July 14th 1992 to the most supportive and loving parents. I am the last of three sisters and I've often been told that I'm the 'typical annoying little sister' (there's some truth to that #lol).

A childhood accident around the age of 2 while playing with my sister, left me with a permanent facial scar between my eyebrows. During primary school, I don't think it ever bothered me because at that age it wasn't a big deal. But as I hit puberty and secondary school, I started feeling self conscious about my appearance. I wasn't the most fashionable, didn't feel very pretty and wasn't a 'popular girl'. I was the slim/skinny one in my family (all genetics, but I would always hear some comment about my weight and there were always comparisons). I was very awkward, introverted and developed self esteem issues; most of which I hid well. But I coped with them and before I knew it, I was heading off to university to start medical school.

I think it was at this point I felt the most shy for some reason and my insecurities peaked. I luckily formed friendships with some of the most amazing people, who never judged me for being the more reserved girl but rather with their very outgoing personalities, helped me to break out of my shell and I became more comfortable with myself. I realised that during this time, I had kept myself back from experiencing so many aspects of life because I was afraid to take risks.

"You cannot fail at being yourself"

It wasn't until my early 20s, that I realised that I needed to change the way I was approaching things. I have one life to live and I deserved the very best in all aspects of life . Over the past few years, I've gotten over my self esteem issues and I've chosen to love myself...and to love all of me. I am me, and I'm not going to change to please anyone else; and changes I make have to be for my personal growth and benefit. I've decided to be more open to opportunities that present themselves, rather than thinking of all the negatives and to just have fun! Because there's no use in holding yourself back from having a fulfilled life. Now, I'm the most confident I've ever been and it feels great; to just accept everything about yourself and hold your head high in that newly found sense of self.

I'm at a point in my life where I'm on that journey to happiness, as there's always room for more joy in life and I intend to find it! I am beyond blessed for my amazing family and my friends that have become like family; always there to support, cheer me on, give me sound advice and make my life more meaningful. I love music and I rely on it a lot as a form of solace. There are so many inspirational and uplifting songs with positive messages. I'm one of those persons that's always singing #haha.

"Don't take my kindness for weakness"

I've become a stronger person mentally, spiritually and emotionally, all because I'm taking the time to make those necessary positive changes and leave room for magic. The more you find yourself, the more you will lose people. And I've learnt that that's okay and it's a part of life's plan. I've reached a point where I don't want to waste time on things that would add no value to my life. Remember, people come into our lives as blessings or lessons.

Photo from @jayshetty on Instagram

Creating this blog is something I've always wanted to do but I second guessed myself so many times and it never happened. I decided to finally 'put pen to paper', jot down some ideas and put my plan into action. I've never felt more excited about something as I have with creating this blog. My hope is that this hub becomes a community where we can all share our stories, experiences and tips and tricks; really becoming something wholesome because I truly wish to inspire you all where I can.

We owe it to ourselves to step back, evaluate our lives and to make the necessary changes where we can because life happens, and it waits for no one. So make those memories, share those laughs, give those hugs. Tell people how much you love and appreciate them and value their time and effort. You're one step away from living your best life. Take the risk!

This blog is very precious to me...I am so proud of myself for kick-starting the process and I hope that you all treasure it as much as I do. Thank you so much for the support!

Love Chantelle xo


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