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7 things you need to know about lash extensions

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Are you one of those people that's been blessed with long, thick eyelashes? If yes, then I lowkey envy you #haha. Okay it's not that serious but I would look at some people and think wow, your lashes are ah-mazing, you're so lucky!

I have short eyelashes that are naturally very curled, so luckily I've never had to use eyelash curlers or any such torture device #countingmyblessings. Mascara was all I used for many years until maybe around 2016/2017 when I bought false lashes for the first time. It was at that point I realised how much they enhance your overall makeup look.

Now, false lashes themselves require a technique in which to place them and I must say that I have my struggles in putting them on from time to time. It gets frustrating when you've done your eyeshadow so well and then to have the lash glue ruin the entire thing, because you couldn't get the placement right and had to start all over. Who's been there? I know I have!

I'd been seeing lash extensions all over social media and at first I was turned off by them because to be honest, they looked so overdone. But the more I came across those that were well done and suited the person wearing them, I thought "hmm, maybe this isn't so bad".

For my recent trip to St Lucia, I decided that I wanted to try lash extensions so that I would have the freedom of having one less thing to worry about doing. So the question was "who do I go to?". Like everything else, you'd often hear horror stories about persons who had unfortunate experiences with certain services and of course, I was very skeptical to subject myself to such issues. But I had to remind myself that this may not necessarily be my experience.

I came across the lash artist Saffiya on Instagram who trained with Babe Cave and owns Beau Bar. After reading the reviews left by her customers and seeing the pictures of her work, I was sold. Always precise, neat and consistent with her quality of work. She provides so much information regarding the styles of lashes she does, the cost, how to prep for your lash appointment and the aftercare. Just browsing her page made me feel more comfortable.

Chantelle Tatyana blog - Babe Cave pic
Babe Cave Distributions

I booked my appointment which was incredibly easy to do via Beau Bar's Instagram page and I received my appointment confirmation via email. About 24-48 hrs prior to my appointment I received another email reminder; which I appreciated greatly because sometimes I forget dates and times. I went to the appointment with my friend who also wanted her lashes done for our trip. If you wear contact lenses, please don't go to the appointment wearing them #facepalm. Also your face and eyes should be thoroughly washed prior to the appointment. When we got there, we were greeted with a warm smile. And can we talk about the decor? There were so many cute touches.

Chantelle Tatyana blog  - lash appointment
Barefaced and ready for my lash appointment

Chantelle Tatyana blog - Beau Bar decor
Beau Bar decor at Babe Cave Distributions

Saffiya was very thorough in explaining what to expect during the procedure and all of the necessary aftercare. I knew the style of lashes I wanted (classic lashes in a demi wispie style) but I was concerned that it would be overwhelming for my small eyes. She reassured me that it would indeed suit my eye shape and she would ensure it doesn't overwhelm my face.

She measured my lash length, which I now know is 8mm. With that information, she knew what lash extension length would be appropriate for me, so as to not weigh down my natural lashes if they're too long. She placed a collagen eye mask to hold my lower lashes out of the way as she worked on placing the extensions. There was soft music playing and the entire atmosphere was just relaxing. She made sure that I was comfortable throughout the procedure and was always very professional. My extensions were done in less than 2 hrs and it's safe to say that I was obsessed with the results.

Chantelle Tatyana blog - lash extension application
Lash extensions being applied by Lash Artist Saffiya of Beau Bar

Chantelle Tatyana blog - lash extensions before & after
Before and After pictures from Beau Bar

The aftercare

Chantelle Tatyana blog - lash extension style
Classic lash extensions in demi wispie style

1. For the first 24 hours after having your lashes done you're told to ensure that you don't get them wet as the lash glue would tend to clump the lashes together. I did a really good job with this because I was able to do my skin care routine without getting my eye area wet.

2. Use products in your skin care that are oil free, especially around the eye area. This is to help prevent the lash adhesive from losing its effectiveness and ultimately causing the lash extension to unstick from your natural lashes. Saffiya provided a lovely list of oil free products on her Instagram, that can be safely used whilst wearing your lash extensions.

I already owned the ZO Skin Health Exfoliating face wash but also purchased Neutrogena micellar wipes to easily get close to my lash line.

3. Try to not sleep on your face (especially for the first few days) as this causes friction with your lashes and your pillowcase, causing your natural lash to be prematurely removed. This would cause a gap in your lashes, as you'd now have to wait for that lash to regrow. This was particularly tricky for me because I cannot sleep on my at all. So I had to devise a certain way to sleep on my side without crushing my lash extensions. I lost a couple of them but it was nothing that ruined the overall look of the lashes.

4. Avoid rubbing your eyes or pulling on the lash extensions because again, this causes friction and can cause your natural lash to also be removed in the process. I had a lot of self control in this area because I don't normally pull and tug on my lashes or rub my eyes unnecessarily.

5. Your natural lashes will shed over time, so you will lose extensions over time. So don't be alarmed if you wake up and notice two lashes on your pillow or one on your face. This is just your natural lashes going through their normal growth cycle. As a result it's advised to come in for refills every 2 to 3 weeks.

6. Clean and brush through your lashes often to make them last longer. This was something I thought to be crazy because wouldn't that cause the lashes to drop out faster? Well it's proven to be the total opposite. I've been washing my lashes daily as I do my skin care routine and using a spoolie (provided by Beau Bar) to brush through them. It's been 3 weeks since my extensions have been put in and they still look full! #mindblown.

7. Don't apply mascara to your lash extensions. Mascara can be applied to your lower lashes but avoid the waterproof version, because it usually requires an oil based product to remove them well. This will in turn, put your extensions at risk of falling out. The same applies for any eyeliner you may use.

Chantelle Tatyana blog - demi wispie lashes
Wearing my Classic lash extensions in demi wispie style on vacation in St Lucia

Overall I had a very pleasant experience with my first time ever doing lash extensions.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! It's a semi permanent procedure and once the aftercare instructions are followed, it's very easy to manage. So if you're trying it just for the sake of trying it or it's something that you'd want to do more consistently, I'd say definitely give it a go!

Have you ever done lash extensions? If so, what was your experience like? I'd love to know so drop a comment and let's chat! xo


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