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5 ways to prep for a long weekend

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

The Lookout before Maracas Bay

It's Carnival 2019 in sweet T&T and I have some time off from work. Nothing is more exciting than planning for a vacation, whether it be an overseas vacation or a staycation. This time around, my Bajan friends flew in to Trinidad for our friend's baby shower and to enjoy some of the festivities of the Carnival season #thegreatestshowonearth. As we were attending all of the same events, and just wanted to catch up and enjoy some good girl chat, we stayed together at a conveniently located condo booked through Airbnb. Knowing that we would be very busy, I decided to plan well for my long weekend.

Below, I highlight some of my main tips for ensuring I'm always well prepped for an enjoyable long weekend.

Bayside Towers, Port of Spain

1. Pre-weekend pampering session

Whether it's the day before or the morning of the start of my long weekend, I take the time to pamper myself. This may seem like the most obvious step but sometimes we neglect treating ourselves. Getting that mani/pedi, a good massage or even a hair treatment and blow dry...we owe it to ourselves to feel refreshed, relaxed and reset. Something as simple as that helps to boost our confidence and overall, we just feel good and ready for the days to come. Prior to my most recent staycation, I got my nails done at my favourite local spa (Spa Euphoria) and tried the new OPI Tokyo collection in the shade 'Hurry Juku Get That Colour' (such a fun name!) My mani was done in the gel polish and I got my pedi in the regular polish. It was the perfect vibrant shade for the Carnival season.

OPI Polish from the Tokyo Collection in Hurry Juku Get That Colour

2. Have a Budget

This doesn't only apply to staycations. It should be a part of our daily lives. However, when it comes to certain times of the year, such as the Carnival season where there are big events and a lot of activities happening, it definitely warrants management of your spending. For example, you should have a general guideline of how your upcoming days will take shape with respect to the events you'd be attending, places you're going out to eat and any shopping you may do. Buy any event tickets beforehand and have the necessary monies for each activity, ensuring you have a little wiggle room, as you don't want to feel too restricted. It is easy to get carried away during these times and spend unnecessarily so bear your limits in mind!

3. Plan your outfits

I swear by this time and time again. You can never go wrong with pre-planning your outfits for an event. This way if an item needs adjusting, you'd have ample time to get it tailored; rather than feel the need to purchase an entire outfit, thus spending unnecessary money. This is where having wardrobe staples like black/white trousers and neutral handbags come in handy, because they can easily be paired with other items from your closet to create the perfect outfit #shopyourcloset. You'd be surprised how many outfits you can create with items you already own #befrugal. On a side note, I always pack at least two extra outfits in the event of a wardrobe malfunction...I don't want to be scrambling at the last minute to replace an outfit, wondering if it looks good!

4. Skincare, skincare, skincare

Sigh, I cannot stress this enough. If you've learnt anything about me is that I am truly obsessed with skincare #noshame. During these times of very fast-paced activity, wearing a lot of makeup and drinking alcoholic beverages, our skin tends to respond by becoming dull, dehydrated, we get those dreadful pimples and texture to the skin. As a result, we try to cover our skin with more makeup and ultimately make matters worse because we clog our pores. It is so imperative to continue with your skin care routine, both daytime and nighttime. Sleeping in makeup? That's a no-no! The night is when our skin renews itself and when the products we use in our nighttime routine get a chance to really work on healing the skin. Sunscreen is a must during the daytime, whether the sun is out in full force or it's a cloudy rainy day because we are always exposed to UV rays! Check out my previous post 'What Your Skin Is Craving' to find out more on my fave skincare products.

5. Stay hydrated!

I've been trying over the past month to increase my daily water intake because I knew how beneficial it is for my skin and general health. While it has been a struggle because I used to forget to drink water completely #humancactus #lol, it's become much easier once I made the effort and it became a part of my daily routine. Some days I don't always meet my target but I still ensure to drink water. So no matter what activities you're getting around to, ensure you are well hydrated, especially if you're going out to fetes/parties where alcohol is in abundance. Drinking a lot of water, at least 2L per day, helps skin's overall appearance to improve as it is hydrated from within. Coconut water is a great natural and tasty alternative.

Strolling Maracas Bay, staying hydrated with my coconut water

These tips have saved me on multiple occasions and I would recommend them to anyone! What are some of your essential tips when going on vacations? I'd love to know so leave a comment down below!

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