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5 must-have Wardrobe basics

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Ever wonder how some people always look chic and well dressed? I mean everywhere I turn whether it be Instagram, Pinterest, magazines or blogs; these women always look so sleek. I used to think that meant spending loads of money on multiple clothing items to achieve a similar look.

But what I've realized is that investing in staple wardrobe items is a must. Investment pieces do mean that you have to pay more for great quality, so each item on its own may be pricey. However, because you'd be able to wear them time and time again in different ways, and the opportunites for styling various looks are endless, it's economical in the end! If you simply want to try out a look, it's okay to buy something on the lower price end until you feel ready to splurge.

I love using the term #shopyourcloset because it becomes quite an easy thing to do once your closet has many basic pieces in it. Your only struggle would be "I wonder how many different looks I can come up with?" #lol. Am I right? Below I highlight 5 fundamental pieces that have become my go-to for creating simple yet effortless outfits.

All photographs taken by my talented friend, Liselle Coker ( #contentcreator.

Chantelle Tatyana blog - business casual

1. A white top

This could be either a basic white T shirt or a long sleeved button-up white shirt. I used to shy away from white clothing, for the fear that as soon as I left my house, I would stain it somehow #facepalm. However I slowly started incorporating white back into my wardrobe once I understood how essential the colour actually is; and now it's one of my fave colours to wear. My favourite way to wear a white tee or shirt is tucked into jeans or pants/trousers as it automatically makes a look more polished.

Chantelle Tatyana blog white shirt

Chantelle Tatyana blog

2. Denim

Ah, a good ol' pair of jeans. I think this is something that everyone has in their closet or if not, it's easily attainable. It's easy to wear and pairs well with almost everything. I personally love high waisted, blue denim in a medium wash because it parallels any colour it's paired with. It doesn't matter the type of jeans, meaning whether it's a boyfriend jean, distressed or a skinny jean; the key is finding one that fits your body type well. If you need to wear it with a belt, then go ahead and add that as an accessory!

Chantelle Tatyana blog blue jeans

Chantelle Tatyana blog

3. A blazer

This is the ideal way to rock that independent, boss babe vibe #girlboss. Blazers can be easily worn outside the office as they add extra sophistication to an outfit and instantly make you command attention. Blazers can be paired with a dress or shorts, but my favourite way is usually with denim; an ideal effortlessly casual look. A neutral coloured blazer like black, navy blue or grey would be the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Chantelle Tatyana blog grey double-breasted blazer

Chantelle Tatyana blog business casual

Chantelle Tatyana blog

4. Long sleeved fitted top

This can be a bodysuit or a top that's easily tucked into pants or a skirt. Clothing that's fitted or simply just well tailored easily looks more streamlined. I love turtleneck tops because they have a very chic vibe to them. And again, any neutral colour like black, white, cream or grey can fluidly be incorporated into any wardrobe for easy styling.

Chantelle Tatyana blog black turtleneck top

Chantelle Tatyana blog

5. Black or nude heels

I love wearing high heels, but for my job as a medical professional, it's not very practical. So on my days off or nights out when I get dolled up, I put on my outfit, throw on one of my favourite pairs of heels and I'm out the door. One way to always look classy is to wear neutral coloured heels. I also love a sleek pair of black heels with a pointy toe as it aids in elongating the leg. Similarly, a pair of nude shoes with a short heel can add just as much oomph to an outfit #Chanelinspired.

Chantelle Tatyana blog cafe pic

Chantelle Tatyana blog

Chantelle Tatyana blog

Chantelle Tatyana blog

I hope that this post was informative and that it helps you with streamlining your wardrobe. What are some of your favourite basic clothing items? What is one of your go-to outfits? I'd love to know so be sure to leave a comment down below. Like and share this post xx


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